Providing Benefits in Different Military Segments
Ground Vehicles
An important 19"/2 communication unit used in ground vehicles is the RS232 LAN
switch. It connects a vehicle's GPS, radios, printers and satellite communication.

It also enables all computers in the vehicle to use all the connected communication
units, thus eliminating the need to connect a single dedicated unit to each computer.
Deployed Forces
A 19"/2 Computer and Router communication unit, similar to those found with the
BICES NATO Gateway, are typical modules used by deployment forces as a
communication hub.

For example, they can be connected to a satellite ground station and provide
internet access in the field, which can be used to update/receive intelligence from
headquarters and allies about the current situation in an operational area.
Special Forces
Special forces are very likely to use a 19"/2 UIDM V2 communication unit that links
two radios and a network. The ground-based units in the field, perhaps with a
small vehicle, can use this functionality for forward air control in giving guidance
to close air support to ensure that an attack hits solely the intended target.

All computer users in the network can share the two connected radios.
An example of an application for the navy is using 19"/2 6-port Fiber Switches to
maintain constant connection as it must resist the continual shock and vibration
which occurs in vessels in rough waters, especially in ships which can operate at
speeds of up to 44 knots.
Air Force
Typical 19:/2 communication units used by the air force are the DVI-D Video Switch
and the USB Matrix. The Video Switch can transmit up to five video signals from
different operators to one display unit. A commander can then choose which of the
5 operators' displays he wants to present on his own display. Areas of action for
this equipment include situational awareness and radar surveillance from the air.

The USB Matrix works in a similar way but involves the operators' keyboard and
mouse. All operators can control all computers at the touch of a button.
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