Reshaping your communication power.
Products from the 19" / 2 System
Stand alone installation.

Mount units stacked or side-by-side
in industry standard 19" rack.
19" / 2 - Save up To 75% of space for adding functionality

Our innovative approach to product design can be seen with our new modular 19”/2
standard form factor. The halved dimensions compared with the existing 19” standard
form factor means that we create up to 75% more space in racks, which can be used to
mount more units and hence more functionality. Smaller units are particularly valuable
for use in cramped spaces, such as found in ground vehicles and aircraft. This is a
perfect example where we are truly reshaping your communication power.
The possibilities are endless...
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19" / 2
A form factor with a lot of potential.
Rugged                                  Less Energy Consumption
Less Heat                                            More Performance
Low Weight -
all components weigh less than 7lbs.
Less Space - most components 8.7"w X 7.2"d X 1.73"h
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19"/2 difference
for yourself!