Product Line Card
Synergistic Technologies is proud to be the exclusive representative of the following manufactures for the states of Florida,
Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Tennessee.
Exceeding expectations.
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ECS COMPOSITES                                                                       Small Business, HUB Zone

A comprehensive family of rack mount and transit cases. Utilizing fiberglass reinforced
composites & rotomold for outstanding strength, versatility and high performance. Both
off the shelf and full custom designs available.

INTELLIPOWER                                                                                  Small Business

IntelliPower provides high performance, cost effective uninterruptible power system
(UPS) and power conversion products for rugged and harsh indoor and outdoor


Systel designs and manufactures rugged rack mount servers and workstations, embedded
systems, high-density storage systems, flat panel computers, displays, high-performance
GPU solutions wall mount computers, laptops and tablets and ATCA platforms.


Polyrack is a leading provider of standard and full custom electronic packaging solutions.
Featuring 19” sub-racks and backplanes for VXP, VME and Compact PCI systems. Polyrack
also has extensive experience fabricating metal and molded plastic instrument enclosures
and modules.

Holo Industries

Holo Industries is a manufacturer of Holographic Display Systems used as a Pathogen-
Free touchless interface for applications such as elevators, restaurant digital menus,
hotels, libraries, airport and hospital check-in stations, supermarket self check out stands
and banks. It requires no complex programming other than a simple auto-calibration and
can be used in virtually any applications.


Neonode’s zForce AIR Touch Sensors are fully customizable IR laser-based light touch
sensor systems. zForce AIR Touch Sensors provide multi-object control with
simple gestures. Ideal for adding touch capability to a wide range of applications on any
display or any surface.

Servo tecnica

ServoTecnica Manufacturers of Compact Slip Rings allowing for electrical signals from a
stationary part to a rotary part for High Density Circuits, Integration of RF Signals, Special
Mechanical Designs, Special Testing, Ethernet, Special Cables, High Data Rate Fieldbuses,
and IP65 Options.

MILDEF                                                                                                              Small Business

Compact 1/2 rack sized rugged communications modules. Featuring servers, switches,
routers and power modules. Full capability in 25% of the space. Rugged laptops, tablets,
and PDA’s

ELECTRIC PICTURE                                                                                  Small Business

Electric Picture provides visual Systems for Simulation, Control Rooms and Custom
Displays.  Capabilities include: Design/Engineering, Integration, and Support. Suppliers of
RGB   Spectrum, Samsung, Sharp Christie, Digital Projection, Panasonic, Extron, Planar,Da-
lite, Kramer and many others.

SOULE PACKAGING                                                           Small Business, Woman Owned

Specializing in all aspects of military and commercial packaging. Including corrugated
packaging, soft packs and specialty crates. Custom cushion design with reusable inserts.